Integrate the car parking, garaging and access with the design of the street. Print

​​​​​​​​​Design Checklist​

  1. Car parking is not visually obtrusive​​
  2. The design of the parking and access is integrated into the overall design of the development


​​​​​Garages, driveways and parking can have a negative impact on the street

This is particularly the case when:​
  • garages are too large with large blank doors and walls that visually dominate the street frontage
  • the garage blocks the view of the house from the street and vice versa
  • wide driveway entrances takes up a large amount of the footpath, which reduces the area left for grass, trees and on street parking
  • front gardens are paved over to provide off-street parking.​

When poor driveway and parking design is repeated across many houses in one street, many of the street characteristics people enjoy, such as being able to see the houses, planting, and trees, can be compromised. It can also have an impact on safety and reduce the amount of on-street parking.

Driveways and parking areas should be designed to be attractive, multi-use spaces that create a good first impression on approaching the house.​​​

Better Design Practice

Locate the garage behind the main façade of the house.​
The house should be the most visible part of the building from the street, not the garage.​

Ensure cars parked in driveways do not extend over the footpath.
Set garages far enough back from the street to allow an additional car to be parked in front of the garage without it overhang over the footpath. Otherwise, place the garage as close to the street off set as possible, while keeping it behind the main facade of the building.​

Minimise the amount of hard surfacing used for driveways, parking and pedestrian access.
Limit concreting and paving to that which is necessary for safe and efficient vehicle and pedestrian access. This reduces costs and allows more space for front gardens, tree planting and landscaping.​​

Consider using permeable paving materials.
These reduce stormwater runoff, benefiting the water quality of our streams and harbours.​

​Driveways should respect other street functions.
They should be located to avoid street trees and their root systems, services and, where possible, street-side parking.​
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