Garages as flexible spaces Print

​​Design Checklist​

  1. Garages and carports can be used for more than just storing cars.


Garages and carports can serve many purposes and should be located and designed accordingly. 

As site sizes get smaller and house sizes increase, designing the garage or carport as a flexible covered area that is part of, and linked to, the outdoor spaces around the house can increase the usability of those outdoor spaces. 

It is also common for many cultures to use the garage or carport as an informal gathering space. However, garages are not habitable and should not be used as bedrooms or living areas as they do not usually have suitable levels of insulation, natural ventilation or light.


Better Design Practice

  • Try to provide a wide and direct connection from the garage to the garden, which can increase the usability of the garage throughout the year.
  • Provide easy access to a bathroom. 
  • Consider insulating the walls, roof and garage door to a domestic standard to increase usability through the year. ​
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