Designing the driveway, shared accessway or lane Print

​​​​Driveways and accessways require careful consideration as they are often shared by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Child safety is a particularly important issue for stand alone houses.

The quality of shared driveways or accessways is also important as they are the entrance and welcoming point in many housing developments. They may also determine how well residents and visitors of all ages and abilities can access the front door.  Poorly designed spaces can have a significant impact on the value, safety and overall perception of the development. 

This section includes guidance on how to design a safe and attractive driveway, shared accessway, or lane - in particular how to design pedestrian-friendly, slow-speed environments.

Design features for all developments should include:

  • a clearly visible and sheltered front door threshold
  • generous landscaping along street edges and between houses
  • overlooking of the driveway or accessway from habitable rooms
  • well considered lighting
  • low speed design
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