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Desi​gn Checklist

  1. ​​​​​​Surface parking is integrated into the building, is designed as a positive space and does not have a negative impact on the street​

Better Design Practice

Parking between the apartment building and the street should be avoided. All surface parking areas should be behind the façade of the building, and preferably behind the building itself.

Any parking visible from the street should be screened and landscaped. 

​​Incorporate parking into the landscape design of the site by:
  • using a range of high quality materials for the surface treatment to break up the overall mass of the parking area; the change in surfaces should be used to delineate different areas (consider using permeable paving to reduce stormwater)
  • using landscaping between rows of cars and between parking bays, include canopy and shade planting
  • ensuring routes for pedestrian movement are clearly visible and shown through pavement and landscape treatment; accessible routes should be as close as possible to the building entry or lift.

Surface parking areas must be designed to be overlooked from the apartments, visible and safe. Ensure that:
  • ​any use of carports is carefully considered, and does not block views into the parking area
  • there is a logical and clear path to the building entries​
  • pedestrian accessways are well lit.

​Consider the location of any bins or refuse stores. 

These should be convenient to the main access point to the car park and convenient to the occupants of the building, but removed from the building entries and away from any private or communal open space. Bin areas should be screened, covered and should include a hose point.
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