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Desi​gn Checklist

  1. ​The design of the building has considered the full range of parking options​

Better Design Practice

There are many options that can increase the efficiency of car parking provision and access, including car lifts, stackers and turntables.

As this technology improves and becomes cheaper, the cost can be more easily offset by the extra usable area created onsite.
  • ​Car lifts - these lift the car from floor to floor, and remove the need for ramps; they are particularly useful on small or constrained sites
  • Stackers - these provide a method of parking cars over the top of each other and can double the number of cars that can be accommodated in each bay
  • Turntables - these allow vehicles (including trucks if large enough) to turn ‘on the spot’; this is particularly useful on tight or constrained sites and can minimise the area required for on-site manoeuvring
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