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  • Ōtāhuhu Station


    Manaaki whenua Care for the land
    Manaaki tangata Care for the people
    Haere whakamua Go forward
    The Ōtāhuhu Station carves out new territory amongst Auckland's public buildings, and successfully utilises Māori design principles to connect to the environment, culture and heritage of the area.

    It demonstrates Auckland Transport’s vision for a transport network that seamlessly connects bus and train services, and features improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Project Summary


    Ōtāhuhu occupies a 1.2km wide strip between the Waitematā and Manukau Harbours. As the narrowest point on the Auckland isthmus, it is a place of geographical and cultural significance. 

    Ōtāhuhu was traditionally renowned for it’s many waka portages, particularly Te Tō Waka / Te Tāhuhutanga o te Waka Tainui. With the advent of land-based transport, it developed into the main north to south land-based transport and trade route. 

    Ōtāhuhu was identified by Auckland Transport as an opportune location to provide a high quality transport interchange, that offered direct connections between bus and rail networks, and better linking public transport between South and Central Auckland.

    The priority for this project was to create a public facility that not only performed functionally, but enhanced and connected with the local environment and acknowledged the area’s heritage.

    Three key themes were identified by Mana Whenua kaitiaki, and were incorporated throughout the design of the proposed facility: waka and portage, maunga, and navigation. ​
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