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  • Olympic Park


    This park wins the gold medal when it comes to providing a mix of organised sport and informal and passive recreation opportunities to attract local users, all while enhancing the natural processes in an sustainable way.

    Project Summary

    ​​​​​​Olympic Park as we now know it encompasses two former reserves - New Lynn Domain (2.8ha in 1918, expanded and renamed as Olympic Park by 1950) and Wolverton Land. The 2.8ha New Lynn Domain was opened in 1918, and was expanded and renamed as Olympic Parkin 1950. Wolverton Land is the rehabilitated Taylor Street landfill - a clean fill site.

    Recent revegetation of the Whau River has brought riparian, wetland and aquatic habitats back to life.

    The family-oriented park is modelled on historic Olympic stadia and includes a children’s playground that utilises state-of-the-art equipment and varied landforms to promote natural play.

    24 solar-powered luminaries light up a pedestrian traffic route through the park. These are supported by a wind turbine to ensure their performance during long periods of poor weather with limited light.

    The use of local artwork and traditional sculpture along the pathways alludes to the park’s historic significance as an important trading crossroads, linking South and East Auckland with the West Coast and Kaipara areas, and the two harbours.

    The park is also host to a number of community sports clubs, facilitated by the park’s historical running track and facilities.

    Olympic Park was awarded the New Zealand Recreation Association's (NZRA) Outstanding Park Award in 2007.

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