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  • Addison, Takanini


    These houses overlooking Bruce Pullman Drive in the Addison neighbourhood in Takanini are an important demonstration of how well designed, higher density housing can create a successful edge to a reserve and street – while also creating sunny private open space for the residents.

    Project Summary

    ​​​​​​​Addison is a large masterplanned residential development in Takanini, just north of the Papakura Town centre. The overall development is on 84 hectares, and will eventually be home to 1,500 houses at a range of densities. 

    The 18 houses on Bruce Pullman Drive create a strong crescent form that defines the edge of the reserve. There is a consistent setback from the park, and all the buildings use a similar overall mass, form, and palette of materials and colours. 

    Differentiation between the units is provided by having variations in the treatment of the front facades, using bay windows, decks and pergolas as a 'kit of parts'. Across the 18 units, there are four distinct variations. 

    The orientation of the site allowed good solar gain into the backyards, and building close to the reserve maximises the sunny open space behind the houses. 

    The houses also introduced a new housing typology to Takanini, using secondary accommodation over some of the garages. Initially conceived as self-contained dwellings, they provide an additional bedroom to add flexibility to the household. They also provide a sense of address and oversight onto the rear lane – an important contributor to the security of this space. 

    The design of the rear lanes was critical to the success of the project. The garages are stepped to provide space for landscaping and lighting, there is a range of high quality materials, and the two storey garages with accommodation above 'bookend' and overlook the space. 

    The Addison development was an innovative, exciting development for Takanini that tested new ground for medium density development that put a priority on integrated master planning and best practice design. Research shows that pushing the boundaries with good design was worth it, with housing in Addison achieving higher prices and going up in value faster than comparable properties in the surrounding areas. 

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