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The Standard Specifications have been prepared to enable consistency of specifications across Council. The taxonomy and numeration has been created to allow insertion of additional specifications that may be required by different departments.

The taxonomy for Auckland Council Standard Specifications is based on the UK Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement Revision 3 (CESMM3) with the following headings and titles.

ACS100 Preliminary and general

ACS100 General specification [PDF 294KB]

ACS200 Geotechnical investigation

ACS210 Geotechnical investigations [PDF 184KB]

ACS400 Demolition and site clearance

ACS410 Site clearance and demolition [PDF 188KB]

ACS500 Earthworks

ACS510 Earthworks [PDF 378KB]

ACS520 Reinstatement [PDF 114KB]

ACS530 Planting [PDF 210KB] 

ACS600 Concrete construction

ACS610 Concrete construction [PDF 173KB]

ACS700 Pipelaying

ACS710 Pipeline construction [PDF 308KB]

ACS720 Manhole structures [PDF 169KB]

ACS740 Recycled aggregates [PDF 414KB]

ACS1000 Roadworks

ACS1010 Site access roads and pathways [PDF 138KB]

ACS1100 Tunnelling, boring and drilling

ACS1120 Pipe jacking and micro-tunnelling [PDF 208KB]

ACS1130 Horizontal directional drilling [PDF 206KB]

ACS1300 Miscellaneous works

ACS1310 Fencing and barriers [PDF 155KB]

ACS1320 Timber pole retaining walls [PDF 123KB]

ACS1340 Gabions and reno mattresses [PDF 148KB]

ACS1400 Pipe renovation and cleaning

ACS1410 Pipe cleaning [PDF 179KB]

ACS1420 Cured in place polyester liners [PDF 272KB]

ACS1440 Spiral wound liners [PDF 217KB]

ACS1450 Rehabilitation of pipelines and culverts with in-situ mortar application [PDF 268KB]

ACS1460 Lining of pipelines and culverts with structural concrete linings [PDF 272KB]

ACS1500 Investigation and inspection

ACS1510 Internal inspection of pipelines [PDF 390KB]

ACS1520 Utility investigation pits [PDF 231KB]

ACS1530 Surveying [PDF 477KB]

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Standard Specifications will only be revised from time to time, probably on a six-monthly basis, but this is subject to review. Revisions will be made by the Design Technical Guidance and Contract Management Team.

Any requests for amendments or suggestions should be sent using the feedback form

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