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Download the guidance notes for the preparation and content of an SMP and a blank template
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A Stormwater Management Plan must meet all Schedule 4 requirements and be consistent with Schedule 2 to be adopted. 

In developing an SMP, the primary objective is to achieve the best practicable option for the long term management of stormwater from the development area.  In addition to the requirements to consider the Stormwater Code of Practice and WSD principles, consideration should also be given to site specific constraints and circumstances as outlined in AUP Policy E1.3.10.

The SMP must address:
  • The management approach/ key elements including:
  • Areas of development, including roads and reserves
  • Location of vested infrastructure, including green infrastructure (note that assets located in the road corridor also require approval of Auckland Transport)
  • Areas of on-site and communal (public) stormwater management
  • Significant site features and hydrology
  • How the connection/vesting requirements below are met or the alternative that is proposed.
  • An assessment of how an Integrated Stormwater Management Approach has been adopted in the design and associated stormwater management in accordance with the policies in the AUP Sections E1.3, B7 and B8 which and includes such detail as corresponds with the scale and significance of the effects of the proposal. This includes how the approach will:
  • Minimise the stormwater related effects of development
  • Retain/restore natural hydrology as far as practicable
  • Minimise the generation and discharge of contaminants (including gross Stormwater pollutants such as litter, plastics and other coarse material that may become entrained in stormwater flows) and stormwater flows at source
  • Minimise temperature related effects
  • Enhance freshwater systems including streams and riparian margins
  • Minimise the location of engineered structures in streams
  • Protect the values of Significant Ecological Areas as identified in the Auckland Unitary Plan.
  • Any stormwater plan prepared as part of a relevant structure plan.

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