Monitoring and reviews Print

The NDC is a key tool in the management and integration of the region’s natural water assets to mitigate impacts from climate change and flooding and allow the multiple community and environmental outcomes to be realised. It enables essential growth while protecting and enhancing Auckland’s highly valued aquatic environments – both freshwater and marine.Te-Auanga-Walmsley-Reserve.jpg

Monitoring strategy

Performance will be rigorously measured, monitored and enhanced against defined targets in three-yearly reviews. This will include comparing predicted stormwater outcomes with actual monitoring data to show areas for improvement as part of our adaptive management approach.

Reviews and reporting

The NCD requires commitment to ongoing engagement with mana whenua and iwi in the management of stormwater and water as well as other stakeholders in government, public, private and community sectors.

Reporting will be transparent. A full review of performance against objectives and requirements will take place every six years will be open for public input.

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