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Assessment of Changes to Catchment Discharges (ACCD)
An internal process adopted by Healthy Waters to ensure compliance with the NDC conditions, including the performance requirements for Council renewal, maintenance and upgrade works in Schedule 4. The ACCD assesses Capital Works Projects to confirm that any change in stormwater diversion and discharge is within the scope of that authorised by the NDC.

Any already urbanizsed land to be redeveloped, often for more intensive or different land use.

Capital Works Projects
A stormwater infrastructure project that is undertaken by Healthy Waters.

Certified Hearings Chairperson
A Certified Hearing Commissioner who is also certified as a Panel Chairperson under the Making Good Decisions Programme. For the purposes of the NDC, it is anticipated that a Certified Hearings Chairperson would have relevant planning and stormwater management experience and adjudicate on any dispute in an independent and impartial manner, consistent with the expectations for a Certified Hearings Commissioner.

Certified Hearings Commissioner
A person who is certified as a hearing commissioner under the Making Good Decisions Programme or such other accreditation as approved by the Minister for the Environment pursuant to section 39A of the RMA.

Existing Stormwater Consents
Operative stormwater diversion and discharge consents that are held by Healthy Waters and which will (subject to assessment) be superseded by the NDC and subsequently surrendered.
Existing Stormwater Consents do not include resource consents held by Healthy Waters for activities other than stormwater diversion and discharge, for example resource consents for outfall structures etc.

Land identified for future urban development that has not been previously developed.

The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, 2014 (updated 2017) and any subsequent revisions.

Public Stormwater Network
The stormwater network owned by Auckland Council and operated by Healthy Waters on behalf of Auckland Council including that which is currently existing and the future network as constructed by, or on behalf of, Healthy Waters or which is constructed by other parties and vested in Auckland Council.
The Public Stormwater Network does not include stormwater networks owned and operated by other public agencies for managing stormwater associated with their activities, nor stormwater network that is owned by a private entity.

The Manager
The Manager, Auckland Council Regulatory Services or the equivalent position, or his /her appointed nominee.

Urban Area
Land zoned residential or business, together with adjoining special purpose and open space zones.
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