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The NDC is a consent granted under the Auckland Unitary Plan and is consistent with the Resource Management Act 1991.  
  • The NDC authorises the diversion and discharge of stormwater from the public stormwater network 
  • A development still requires other resource consents under the AUP including Chapter E9 and E10 
  • If the discharge is into the public network, the diversion is a permitted activity under AUP Chapter E8. However, developments are required by the Bylaw to comply with the NDC 
  • If the discharge is directly into the receiving environment, the assets will be vested to Auckland Council, and the stormwater management is consistent with the NDC requirements, then the NDC replaces AUP Chapter E8
  • If the proposed stormwater management and assets are private, will not be vested to Auckland Council and the runoff will not enter the public stormwater network, the NDC does not apply.

The relationship between AUP and the NDC

Parallel process

The process of getting a stormwater management plan adopted under the NDC occurs in parallel to the process of applying for other resource consents. 

To avoid delays it is essential to discuss the content of the SMP and the proposed stormwater management with Healthy Waters well in advance of lodging resource consents. 
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