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Developers who wish to have the stormwater diversion and discharge associated with their proposal authorised by the NDC held by Healthy Waters will need to demonstrate that they meet the performance requirements in Schedule 4
Although diversion into the public stormwater network is a permitted activity in the AUP, connections still must meet the performance requirements of the NDC. This is so network operations perform to a level that enables Healthy Waters to comply with the NDC - and improve water quality. 
There are different performance requirements for different development scenarios:
  • Large brownfield and greenfield developments will require a Stormwater Management Plan to be prepared and then adopted  
  • Small brownfield developments will not require a Stormwater Management Plan if their proposed stormwater management is consistent with Schedule 4
  • Where there is an adopted SMP, development must comply with  that SMP in order to be authorised under the NDC. Adopted SMPs will be publicly available.
Healthy Waters as the stormwater network operator and consent holder approves development and connections to the network. SMPs can be adopted if they meet the requirements of the NDC.
The process of getting a stormwater management plan adopted under the NDC runs in parallel to the process of applying for other resource consents. 

To avoid delays it is essential to discuss the content of the SMP and the proposed stormwater management with Healthy Waters well in advance of lodging resource consents. Please email us at
Greenfield Development Authorisation Process

Small Brownfield Development Authorisation Process

Large Brownfield Development Authorisation Process
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