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Condition 13 and Schedule 8 of the NDC provide information on the scenarios where a stormwater management plan can be adopted into the NDC – Download Schedule 8.

The NDC provides for a degree of flexibility. All SMPs must be consistent with Schedule 4. SMPs can be adopted into the NDC without having to go through further regulatory processes. 

An exception is Greenfield development where stormwater would be discharged into a Significant Ecological Area (SEA) as defined in the Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP). 

The Stormwater management plan must address the effects on the SEA and can only be adopted if:
  • the SMP was prepared to support a Plan Change 
  • through a variation to the NDC

Adopted SMPs will be publicly available. Where there is an adopted SMP development must comply with the requirements of that SMP to be authorised under the NDC.
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