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Important information on the new single, regionwide stormwater network discharge consent (NDC) process.

The Environment Court has granted Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters department a regionwide resource consent to use best practice to manage all public stormwater discharges across Auckland region to protect the environment, people and property - and improve water quality.


The single stormwater network discharge consent (NDC) replaces 116 different consents and multiple authorisations with a single consent containing a comprehensive set of requirements for use across Auckland.

A landmark for local authorities in New Zealand, the single consent defines clear targets to lift water quality, reduce flooding and protect streams and other water assets. The NDC also supports growth in line with the Auckland Plan 2050 and Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP). 

Performance requirements can be found in Schedule 4 of the NDC.

Key tool for integrated development

The NDC will be a key tool in managing and integrating land uses, stormwater discharges and the region’s natural water assets to reduce impacts from climate change and flooding and allow multiple community and environmental outcomes to be realised.
This consent will be the largest of its kind in New Zealand and is unique in its approach to managing future stormwater diversions and discharges to: 
  • provide certainty and a regionally consistent set of performance requirements
  • provide a framework to support urban growth and development for future urban areas while enabling stormwater management plans to be tailored to specific sites and scenarios
  • improve water quality through robust performance requirements for the public network 
  • reduce complexity and promote compliance requirements
  • deliver accountability, transparency and best practice through regular reporting and reviews.

The NDC applies to 
  • existing diversions and discharges of stormwater from the public network 
  • new or modified diversions and discharges that result from the upgrading of the stormwater network
  • future diversions and discharges that result from the extension of the public network to service intensification and greenfield growth. 

Good news for developers

With around $850 million of new development expected to be built in the coming years, the new process and streamlined system is good news. It will be a more efficient way for developers to manage stormwater from developments.

Developers can come under the council’s consent provided they meet the NDC requirements instead of getting a private discharge consent. 

Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters department will work closely with developers seeking to utilise the NDC about how best to provide stormwater management for their development. This will ensure that the significant stormwater assets and other facilities they build on behalf of the community and then vest to the council, are of good quality and fit for purpose.  

That’s important because, Healthy Waters, as the consent holder is ultimately responsible for compliance with the consent and the discharge from the stormwater network. As the network operator, the department is also accountable for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the assets. 

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