Mauri TūPrint

Environmental health is protected, maintained and / or enhanced

  • The wider development area and all elements and developments within the site are considered on the basis of protecting, maintaining or enhancing mauri
  • The quality of wai, whenua, ngahere and air are actively monitored through both mātauranga and western scientific methods and frameworks
  • Water, energy and material resources are conserved, remediated and re-used
  • Community wellbeing and resilience is enhanced 
  • Climate Change implications of developments are considered

  • Daylighting, restoration and planting of waterways
  • Contaminated areas of soil are remediated
  • Rainwater collection systems, grey-water recycling systems and passive solar design opportunities are explored in the design process
  • Hard landscape and building materials which are locally sourced and of high cultural value to Mana Whenua are explored in the design process

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