Ahi KāPrint

Iwi/hapū have a living and enduring presence and are secure and valued within their rohe.

  • Mana Whenua live, work and play within their own rohe
  • Acknowledges the post Treaty of Waitangi settlement environment where iwi/hapū living presences can include customary, cultural and commercial dimensions
  • Living iwi/hapū presences and associated kaitiaki roles are resumed within urban areas

  • Access to natural resources (weaving species, mahinga kai, waterways, etc) facilitates, maintains and /or enhances Mana Whenua ahi kā and kaitiakitanga
  • Civic/iwi joint venture developments ensure ahi kā and sense of place relationships are enhanced
  • Mana Whenua are involved in ongoing management, programming and occupation of spaces created, particularly public realm

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