Parks and reserves safety guidelinesPrint

​​​​Auckland has a wide range of parks and reserves each with unique context and specific needs. However, the following high level safety strategies can be considered:

  • Maximise how much of the site backs onto the road. Reserves should be designed so that they are surrounded by streets rather than backs of buildings. This way, visitors to the park are more likely to be seen by other members of the public.
  • If there are not any streets around the park, the fencing of surrounding sites should be visually permeable. To retain privacy, an accessway or driveway can be situated along this boundary.
  • Access points should be from the street. If not, then they should be in areas overlooked by residential buildings. Accessways into the site should be wide and follow the appropriate safe design guidelines.
  • Visual obstructions such as high solid fences and walls should be avoided around the perimeter of the park. High walls and fences can also be a target for graffiti.
  • The design of the park, landscaping, and structures should allow people to keep an eye on each other as much as possible.
  • There should be amenities for different users, defined by the local demographics. This includes providing playground for kids or sports fields for teenagers and adults. 
  • Sports fields and their carparks should be adequately lit for use after dark. In addition to lighting, there are other design qualities for car parking, which are outlined in the Parks guide​.

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