What is the Auckland Design Manual?

​​ The Auckland Design Manual is a fantastic free resource that’s been created to support you through the design concept and development phase. 

It’s a practical guide that sits alongside the Unitary Plan.  If the Unitary Plan is your rule book, think of the Design Manual as your how to guide. You can use it for inspiration, guidance, and to help you visualise what you can build in Auckland. 

The Design Manual will help you to avoid expensive mistakes by giving you the information you need up front, so that you are well-informed and know how to ask the right questions. 

Building and developing is a complicated process, and nearly everyone you meet will have a story to tell or some advice to give. The Design Manual provides objective criteria that will give you some context for making your decisions.  

At its core, design is all about problem solving. Good design is the balance point between function and form. This means comfortable, practical and efficient solutions that suit your needs now and into the future.

The Design Manual can support you at the following key stages in your development process:
  1. Consider your options – what do you want to build on  your site?
  2. Understanding the rules
  3. Writing your brief
  4. Developing a design
  5. Hiring your design and build team
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