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Parks should be multifunctional. 

They should appeal to a range of users and provide for year round enjoyment. Incorporate simple, uncluttered areas which are flexible and adaptable to a range of activities and allow multiple users to happily coexist. Work together with the community to accommodate their needs, allowing for a variety of uses and experiences.


Integrate informal recreation opportunities

Encourage people to enjoy ecological spaces, and create opportunities for them to understand and connect with ecological systems.


Integrate informal recreation opportunities by:

  • identifying ecologically interesting areas the public can engage with or view, without detracting or damaging the ecological systems
  • constructing structures or walkways which provide views and experiences through ecosystems, but have minimal adverse effects
  • developing educational facilities to help people understand what makes that particular place special or important
  • providing message boards with information about how community members can get involved in looking after the park.​

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