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​Implement energy efficient systems that make the most of limited resources, such as power and water.

Building materials and design elements should be appropriate to context, cost efficient (considering whole of life cost), durable, and be made of parts that can be easily replaced if damaged. Design the park for ease of maintenance from the outset.

Integrate infrastructure with consideration

Understand the existing infrastructure, particularly underground, to help inform site layout and design. Engage with service providers early in the design process to establish whether works can be timed to coincide with any planned maintenance.

Ensure good integration of existing infrastructure by:

  • clearly labelling but camouflaging on site services and infrastructure, to ensure minimal visual impact
  • consolidating functional elements where possible e.g. light poles with banners, speakers and signage
  • providing power and water in key locations across the site for events and maintenance
  • understanding existing and planned infrastructure on site
  • locating all proposed utilities outside of the critical root zone of trees
  • minimising planting over public infrastructure
  • using combined trenches for services where possible.


Create high-quality clean spaces

Typically located centrally and frequently used, civic spaces should be built with high quality, durable materials that are attractive, easily cleaned and easily maintained.

Create high-quality clean spaces by:

  • specifying attractive, durable and hard-wearing materials
  • using locally sourced materials where possible
  • recycling and re-purposing existing elements
  • ensure materials are vandal resistant incorporating graffiti protection
  • including skateboard deterrents on surfaces which are likely to be damaged
  • providing management strategies, maintenance manuals and 'as builts' to the client for all materials and features
  • ensuring design layout can accommodate access for event trucks and maintenance crews.

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