Design For Health, Wellbeing And Fun Print

​Provide fun, creative and stimulating environments for all ages to enjoy.

Provide opportunities for social interaction, active and passive physical activity; and places for children and young people to have fun, play and learn. Designs should include artworks, and be able to accommodate events. Design should aim to stimulate the senses, harnessing sights, sounds, smells, taste and tactile experiences.

Facilitate active social gathering spaces

Design gathering spaces and amenities to encourage greater social interaction between people. Providing a place for people getting together results in a vibrant and safe civic space.

Encourage social gathering by:

  • providing elements to promote activity, such as play spaces, flat grassy areas, water features and technology features, such as interactive interpretive signage and Wifi
  • providing a built in performance stage
  • arranging seating, picnic and gathering space to encourage social meetings
  • providing moveable or flexible seating elements
  • providing lighting for evening use
  • incorporating tables to encourage people to eat their lunch or play games in the space
  • creating active edges by encouraging businesses such as cafes and shops to open into the space
  • providing activity spaces within the site to create reasons for people to be there.

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