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​Connect people to the park and to each other.

Create convenient and safe connections with surrounding cycle, walking and public transport networks which are easy to access and navigate. Make the park accessible for those with mobility and sensory impairments, where practical. Carefully plan the layout and clustering of facilities, so that people can meet, socialise, and spend time together in the park.

Create spaces for people to meet and spend time together

Civic spaces are often places where communities gather, celebrate and hold events. Therefore it is critical to provide appropriate amenities and universal access into and within these places to ensure they are inclusive of everyone.

Do this by:

  • providing sheltered comfortable areas for people to relax and gather
  • designing flexible spaces that can be used by a variety of groups for various purposes
  • strengthening connections with neighbouring civic and commercial facilities to create active edges where people can engage with and enjoy the public space
  • catering for sensory and mobility impairments needs
  • providing attractive entrances that incorporate artistic features that invite people into the space
  • providing features that attract and appeal to children and young people.

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