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  • Auckland Conversations Print

    Auckland Conversations is an exciting series featuring leaders and experts in design, planning, heritage, environment and socio-economics discussing the issues facing Auckland's development. Events take place in venues across Auckland, but are also filmed and available for viewing as a webinar, either live or at your convenience.​

    Auckland Conversations events are free for anyone to attend. They offer an excellent opportunity for you to network with like-minded people and be informed by current topics affecting Auckland. The events aim to inspire, educate and engage Aucklanders in ideas for becoming the world's most liveable city.

    From exploring the implications of climate change to discussing the virtues of public art – Auckland Conversations has been bringing world-class speakers to Auckland from leaders and experts in design, planning to heritage, the environment and socio-economics. 

    If you’re unable to attend an event you can also stream Auckland Conversations online and keep track of how others are responding on social media.

    Event topics include:

    Environment - eco-city sustainability initiatives and issues

    Design - urban design, architecture, place making and city or town planning

    Deritage - natural, cultural and built heritage

    Economic development drivers and influencers - innovation and tourism

    Socio-economic issues.

    ​These topics endorse our planning, economic, environmental and policy strategies such as the Auckland Plan, City Centre Masterplan and Economic Development Strategy.​

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