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  • Auckland Code of Practice for Land Development & Subdivision coming soon! Print

    ​​​​​​​​The Auckland Code of Practice for Land Development and Subdivision (CoP) will soon be available on the Auckland Design Manual for public feedback.

    Each chapter provides guidance on what is required for the approval process and working with Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations.

    The following chapters will be covered:

    Chapter 1 -  General Requirements and Procedures
    This is the introduction to the Auckland Code of Practice for Land Development and Subdivision.  It outlines the statutory framework that underpins the key approval processes for land development. This includes resource consents, engineering plan approval and building consents – and other matters that should be considered when undertaking land development.  

    Chapter 2 - Earthworks and Geotechnical Requirements
    This chapter provides the minimum requirements for the assessment of land stability and the design and control of the earthworks. These are necessary to create a suitable platform for the construction of buildings, roads, and infrastructure.  In particular, this chapter sets out design requirements, the standards to be met in construction, and final documentation procedures.

    Chapter 3 - Transport
    This chapter provides the quality standards to ensure that the function, condition and useful service life of transport assets is consistently achieved across the region. 

    Chapter 4 - Stormwater
    This chapter sets out the minimum standards for the design and construction of new public stormwater assets, and assets that are to be vested in Council ownership, and describes approaches to achieving required performance outcomes.  

    Chapter 5 - Wastewater
    This chapter sets out minimum standards for the provision of wastewater infrastructure within the context of land development and subdivision.    

    Chapter 6 - Water
    This chapter sets out minimum standards for the provision of water supply infrastructure.

    Chapter 7 - Green Infrastructure and Landscaping
    This chapter sets out minimum requirements for the design, construction and maintenance of green infrastructure (trees, shrubs, grasses and aquatic plants) in parks and public open spaces that are intended to be vested in Auckland Council as part of the land development process.

    The new content will be available on the Infrastructure Code of Practice hub soon. Currently the stormwater chapter is available here​​​ on the ADM.

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