Watercourses, natural and constructed waterways Print

Watercourses are an important part of the stormwater system. 

Discharges to watercourses shall be designed so as to minimise erosion, water quality impacts and flood risk. Watercourse maintenance is the responsibility of the owners of the land through which they pass. In some situations the council has control over the watercourse via covenants or easements. Where daylighting of existing piped watercourses occurs, the resulting watercourse shall be maintained by the landowner. In isolated instances where watercourses are vested in the council or in the council’s control, they shall be protected by an easement-in-gross in favour of Auckland Council.

Enhancement of watercourses is to be considered as part of a development, where appropriate. Enhancement may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Watercourse Rehabilitation:​​
o Providing riparian margins and landscaping that takes
   into account ecological values as well as flood risk
o Protection against scour and erosion of the watercourse
o Removing obstacles for free fish passage
o Restoring ripples and runs to provide habitat and mimic
    natural conditions
​o Weed removal​​

  • Watercourse Day-Lighting: In some situations the council may decide to remove an existing culvert or pipe and restore a watercourse to its pre-development status. These will be determined on case-by-case basis.​
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