Connection of pipelines to public mains Print

​When the pipeline being connected to the public main is larger than 300mm in diameter it shall be connected at a manhole.
Factory-made fittings or saddles shall be used for connections to public mains up to 900mm diameter in accordance with drawing SW04 in Appendix B. For all saddles, concrete bonding to the exterior of the main pipe is required.

A hole may be made in a 900mm diameter or larger main to effect a connection. The connection shall be properly dressed and plastered from inside the main to ensure that no protrusions exist.

Where the public main is a concrete pipe, saddle connections are only permitted where the​ pipeline being connected is less than half the diameter of the public main.​​

There are significant lengths of older infrastructure in the more established parts of Auckland such as brick barrel pipelines and brick manholes. Some of these assets have compromised structural integrity, including very limited strength in tension and signs of significant decay. Making connections to older infrastructure requires careful consideration and may require specialist design input. Such connections shall be referred to Auckland Council for design guidance and approval. Any construction proposed within 10m of a stormwater structure that is more than 50 years old is to be referred to Auckland Council for detailed evaluation and approval.

See drawings SW25 to SW29 in Appendix B for example ownership cases involving Auckland Transport and Auckland Council’s Community Services department.​​
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