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​​The sizing, selection and spacing of all catchpits (except for field catchpits) shall be in accordance with Auckland Transport Code of Practice (ATCOP). Catchpit Positions

Catchpits shall be located to best capture ponding of surface water. This will generally be at low points. Where possible, catchpits shall be located so as to reduce the flow of stormwater in the channel at pedestrian crossing points. However, catchpits shall not be placed in the direct path of pedestrian movement.

Catchpits are also required at changes in gradient or direction where water may leave the channel e.g. kerb line tangent points at intersections. Catchpit Connections

Catchpits shall be connected directly to a manhole on the stormwater pipeline system. The catchpit lead may be saddled directly to the pipeline if all of the following conditions are met:
  • The catchpit lead is 300mm diameter or less
  • The trunk stormwater pipeline is greater than 1000mm diameter
  • A manhole is not conveniently located for connection
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