Where Access to Adjacent Land is Required Print

​Where access to adjacent land is required, the developer must obtain any required adjacent landowner entry agreements. 

In all cases the developer is responsible for negotiating and coming to a satisfactory arrangement with affected landowners. This is a private negotiation between individuals and does not involve Auckland Council.

​The Local Government Act 1974 (§ 460, 461) and 2002 (§ 181 (2-3)) contains various provisions relating to access by Auckland Council, or others, to private land in order to carry out required drainage works. In exceptional cases these may be considered in relation to a specific development where it is necessary to obtain access to neighbouring private land for private drainage, or to construct public drainage. The developer should note that this is a costly and time-consuming process. A specific Engineering Local Government Act application shall be made to Development Engineering (refer to the Auckland Council website for more information).​
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