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​In defined soakage areas, where appropriate, each dwelling shall dispose of its own stormwater through a private in-ground soakage system, which shall be maintained by the property owner.

Soakage devices shall be designed to cater for at least the flows generated by the design standard for primary systems (refer to Section For all soakage systems an overland flow path shall also be provided which is capable of catering for the flows in accordance with the design standard for secondary systems, assuming complete blockage of the soakage device.

Auckland Council technical report TR2013/040 (Stormwater Disposal via Soakage in the Auckland Region) should be referred to for design guidance for all soakage systems and approval by the council shall be required. All treatment devices installed in soakage systems to service new development as specified by Auckland Council are deemed to be private, and responsibility for maintenance lies with the individual property owners. Auckland Council declaring such devices public will be entirely at its discretion.

​Protection of groundwater quality is important. Some areas have water extraction for potable water use. Some private water extractors also use water for non-potable supplies.​
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