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​​ Private Pipelines in Private Land
​Where a lot must drain through another lot to connect to a public pipeline, the point of connection to the public system can be determined in Section 4.3.11. 

It is the developer’s responsibility to obtain permission from the affected landowner(s) to place the pipe. Private Pipelines in Public Land Roads

No new private pipelines shall be permitted in road reserves, except kerb discharges and other circumstances as per Section 4.3.11 above.

Stormwater pipelines serving only Auckland Transport assets remain the responsibility of Auckland Transport. In cases where a public pipeline is to be connected to an Auckland Transport stormwater pipeline, ownership of the pipeline shall move from Auckland Transport to Auckland Council.

Existing private pipelines within the road reserve are not covered by easement. The council may hold records of these private pipelines in the form of approved building consents and permits and associated as-built plans. If undertaking maintenance and repair work on these pipelines, a Corridor Access Request (CAR) shall be obtained from Auckland Transport.

Parks and Reserves

Developers should avoid laying multiple new pipelines across reserve land. Instead, stormwater from a development should be collected into a single pipe that crosses the reserve land. Where a pipe drains up to three lots it shall remain in private ownership of the lot served. Where a pipe drains four or more lots it shall be public. See Section 4.3.11 above for more information on pipeline ownership.

The applicant shall confirm that the reserve land is not a closed landfill. Generally new pipelines are not permitted through closed landfills.

Auckland Council Community Services is the asset owner for parks and reserves. Stormwater pipelines serving only Auckland Council Community Services assets remain the responsibility of Community Services and no public pipeline shall be connected to them.

Where a facility on parks (Community Services) land has both stormwater and park functions, Community Services is to be consulted early in the design process and may have requirements additional to the CoP standard.

For all work on existing stormwater assets within parks and reserves, specific approval shall be obtained from the council.​

Other Land Owned by Auckland Council

Where Auckland Council is recorded as the owner of the land in question, queries related to existing easements shall be directed to the Property Department Manager who acts as the land owner for this purpose.

Other Land Not Owned by Auckland Council

Any work on land outside of Auckland Council’s control requires specific approval from the appropriate authority/landowner.
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