CCTV Inspection Print

​​A CCTV survey provides a reliable indication of the quality of assets to be vested in council ownership and shall be required for all new pipes that will form part of the public stormwater infrastructure. 

The CCTV survey of the pipe shall be undertaken by a suitably trained operator in accordance with the requirements in the current version of the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual. All costs involved in undertaking this CCTV work shall be borne by the developer, as will any remedial work required to be undertaken and a repeat CCTV if required by the council. For new assets to be vested in the council, the CCTV work shall not be undertaken until the final earthworks have been completed and the CCTV inspection shall be less than 3 months old upon submittal.

CCTV inspections of stormwater assets shall be delivered to the council in the following format:
  • Each pipe is to be assigned a temporary ID
  • Sketch of the assets, showing the temporary IDs
  • USB memory device containing individual inspection video files
  • A .CSV export of the inspection and observation data from the proprietary CCTV capture software (e.g. Cleanflow or WinCan).​​
​Laser profile testing which tests pipe ovality, vertical and horizontal deflection, pipe measurements, cracking and pipe distortion may be required by the council.​
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