Inspection and acceptance Print

​Completed works shall be approved by the council prior to placing them into service. 

This shall include the consideration and approval of as-built plans, testing of works, defects liability periods, consents issued by other parties, financial considerations and conditions of approval issued for the works originally. Testing shall be undertaken in accordance with the council’s requirements, and CCTV in accordance with Section 4.3.18 of this document, or on request from Auckland Council. As-built documentation shall be submitted in accordance with the Auckland Council document Development Engineering – As-built requirements which is available on the council website.

Acceptance will be on the basis of the quality of materials and the standard and accuracy of construction. Areas where works have taken place shall be reinstated to a condition not worse ​than before the works took place. Owners affected by the works shall give their written approval of the result of the reinstatement works. The certification of works, as provided by the developer’s design professional, signifies that the same professional certifies that the works are constructed appropriately and to the provision of this code.
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