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Each site shall have separate private systems for wastewater and stormwater. Separation of Private Combined Pipelines

All existing combined private pipelines shall be separated in any of the following cases:
  • Development increases impervious area by more than 20m². Note that the removal of any existing structure will not contribute to reducing the area that is classed as impervious and therefore cannot offset the increase in impervious area resulting from the new development.
  • Major re-development of the site is proposed
  • Any work is undertaken on private drainage (unless work is being done solely within a dwelling i.e. plumbing only) Site and Drainage Plans

A detailed site and drainage plan (including all public and private pipelines) shall be supplied with all relevant consent applications. These plans shall include drainage details for all existing and proposed impervious areas. New Pipelines

Where separation of existing pipelines is required, the preferred option is to install new private stormwater and wastewater pipelines. However, if the existing private combined pipeline is structurally sound and has adequate capacity it may be used for stormwater with a new pipeline installed for wastewater. A stormwater storage device is required for both options (see Section 4.3.15 for further information).​ Extent of Private Separation

The site-separated pipeline shall be taken to approved outlets. Where the site must discharge stormwater into a combined pipeline, the separate pipelines shall join as close as possible to the connection to the combined public sewer. Refer to Diagram 1 below.​​

​ Costs

Costs of separating private pipelines are to be met by the property owner or developer.​
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