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​No applications for new combined public pipelines will be considered or approved. Connections to Combined Public Sewers

No new combined sewer connections will normally be approved. However, dispensation may be granted in the event that the existing combined sewer is the only option for stormwater disposal. Where dispensation is given, the following conditions shall be met as a minimum:
  • Approval is required by Watercare as owners of the combined system.
  • Each unit shall have an independent combined connection to the sewer.
  • The private wastewater and stormwater pipes shall join together as close as possible to the connection to the combined public sewer to allow for future separation.
  • On-site mitigation measures are generally required. Refer to Section 4.3.15. Separation of Public Sewers
All development projects initiated within combined areas shall have separation considered as part of the proposal. A development proposal within a combined area where public sewer separation is in progress shall consider the proposed separation works as part of the proposal. Developers should contact Watercare for areas where public separation projects are programmed. Discharge and associated consents may be required for stormwater disposal and should be discussed with Auckland Council.​​
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