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4.4.2. Information Required​​
​​Applications to the council shall include sufficient information to demonstrate that the proposed works meet the requirements of all relevant legislation and this CoP as appropriate. 

The requirements outlined in Chapter 1: General Requirements and Procedures shall also be met, including the following:

a) A plan showing the location of existing and proposed stormwater works and all existing services likely to affect or be affected by the proposed works. Suitable scales of drawings illustrating the location of all existing services at A3 size shall be used.

b) Detailed longitudinal sections showing the levels, grades, bedding type, installation methodology, pipe diameter, pipe material class, capacity and flow velocity of proposed stormwater pipelines. Longitudinal sections and typical cross sections shall also be provided for any modifications to secondary flow paths. Suitable drawing scales at A3 size shall be used.

c) Details and calculations prepared by persons experienced in stormwater catchment analysis, demonstrating that the proposed system is of adequate capacity and highlighting any impact on adjacent areas or catchments that the proposed works may have. The analysis shall also include remedies for any negative impacts.

d) A plan showing the location of any streams, ponds, or wetlands within the site or in close​ proximity to the site. The location in plan and level of the water’s edge and shoulder of the banks shall be indicated as well as the proximity of proposed buildings to the water’s edge and/or shoulder of the banks. Suitable drawing scales at A3 size shall be used.​

e) Typical pre- and post-development cross sections through any streams, ponds or wetlands. Suitable drawing scales at A3 size shall be used.

f) All applications to build within floodplains, flood-sensitive areas or overland flow paths shall be supported by a detailed Hydrological Report and Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) in accordance with the Resource Management Act (RMA). The AEE shall include both internal and external effects. For example, the effects on upstream, downstream and adjacent properties as a result of the proposal and the effects on the property itself and the proposed future land use as a result of its location within a floodplain, flood-sensitive area or overland flow path.

g) Where a new structure, for example an underground chamber, will create an atmosphere of “confined space” as defined in AS/NZS 2865:2001 Safe Working in a Confined Space, the design engineer shall provide full details of how the risk to personnel during both construction and future maintenance shall be managed.

h) All levels are to be in terms of Local Vertical Datum Auckland 1946.

i) Draft operations and maintenance manuals for any water quantity and/or quality control devices shall be submitted to the council for design approval along with other documents. The manuals shall describe the design objectives of the device, describe all major features, explain operations such as recommended means of sediment removal and disposal, identify key design criteria, and identify on‐going management and maintenance requirements such as plant establishment, vegetation control and nuisance control. Accurate design calculations shall be included in the manual.​
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