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​​The stormwater system conveys storm surface runoff and shallow groundwater from the point of interception to soakage areas, attenuation areas, or the point of discharge to receiving waters.

The stormwater system consists of:

Natural systems such as:

    • Streams (ephemeral, intermittent and permanent)
    • Ground aquifers
    • Overland flow paths.

​Built assets such as:

    • ​Roadside channels
    • Swales
    • Catchpits
    • Piped network
    • Manholes
    • Inlets and outlets
    • Constructed channels
    • Stormwater quality improvement devices (such ​as wetlands, ponds, rain gardens, etc.)
    • Diversion devices​
    • ​Control structures

Acceptable design solutions of different system components are set out on standard construction drawings contained in Appendix B. The drawings and guidelines can be used by anyone in accordance with Creative Commons licences and NZ Government Open Access and Licensing framework.
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