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Auckland Council will undertake stormwater management planning on a catchment-wide basis for urban areas. 

Rural catchments may not have specific management plans developed. Where a proposed development is in an area covered by an Auckland Council catchment management plan, designers shall comply with that plan. Access to these documents will be made available via request to Auckland Council Development Engineers.

If there is no catchment management plan for the area of the proposed development, designs shall utilise the Best Practicable Option that will meet the provisions of relevant plans as required by the council.

The implications of future development on adjoining land shall be assessed to ensure the mitigation of negative hydrological effects both during and post-development. Effects to be assessed include those due to higher flow rates and volumes of stormwater discharge and peak flood levels. Refer to Section for secondary flow path design requirements.

Any catchment management planning issues, including non-compliance with the catchment management plan, shall be discussed with the council. Network Consents​

Auckland Council is applying for a single Auckland-wide Network Discharge Consent (NDC). Designers shall either comply with the NDC or make a private application for stormwater discharge/diversion consent. Compliance with the NDC will be assessed against relevant criteria, objectives and outcomes within the NDC, and will require network utility operator certification. If designers make a private application, transfers of the private NDC will not be approved by the council and will remain with the consent holder. Any assets relevant to the private NDC will not be vested into council ownership.​
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