Activating Auckland

​​Over the next decade, 2016-2026, the face of Auckland’s city centre will be transformed by over 12 billion dollars’ worth of public and private investment, creating new jobs and homes, making the city centre more attractive and boosting transport connections with other parts of Auckland.

Local government strategies need to react quickly and creatively to a city’s changing profile. Activate Auckland enable’s change using 'lighter, quicker, cheaper' methods of delivery; small, agile, responsive, low cost interventions that improve the quality of life for the citizens of Auckland City. The two methods used are Place Activation and Tactical Urbanism. Combinations of the two assist with Disruption Mitigation as the city grows.


Activate Auckland represents a collection of complementary techniques and tools to deliver physical interventions and activation programming across the city centre.

It supports citizens in being stewards and champions of their places.

Helps create people-centric places through a mix of collaborative activations and design influenced interventions.

Facilitates and incentivises inter-agency partnerships to enhance the city centre experience, providing opportunities to share ideas, resources and expertise, and in doing so leverage greater value.

Establishes and embeds Tactical Urbanism approaches to transformation that are lighter, quicker, cheaper to inform and complement transformation projects.

Support a creative, proactive approach to disruption management during construction so the city centre remains a vital and enjoyable place to live, work, visit and do business.


Activate Auckland is guided by: The Auckland Plan, the City Centre Masterplan, The Design Led City Strategy and associated frameworks, such as the Aotea and Downtown Frameworks and the Karanaghape Road Plan. This programme focuses on the city centre which is the economic powerhouse of the nation, the creative industries centre, major visitor destination and has a rapidly growing residential population. It is supported and largely funded by the city centre targeted rate. This rate is collected from both businesses and residents and may only be spent within the map area outlined below: