Papakāinga is a collective form of Māori living. Traditional papakāinga consist of multiple dwellings centred around a marae or other place of significance. Residents are connected to each other and the land through common whakapapa.Intro_Image.jpg
Customarily found in a rural setting, papakāinga has recently experienced a resurgence in New Zealand's towns and cities. These urban papakāinga reflect Māori aspirations to realise traditional living arrangements in a 21st century context.

Urban papakāinga draw on the strengths of traditional papakāinga. They allow for collective forms of living and provide the opportunity for greater economic independence and the expression of social and cultural values. The papakāinga model also provides a possible solution to the housing challenges facing many urban Māori.

These papakāinga resources have been developed to promote contemporary Māori papakāinga design thinking and broaden the concept of papakāinga in an urban setting.
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