Ukutoia Concept DesignPrint


has been designed in conjunction with a public redevelopment agency operating in the Glen Innes area. The design combines and comprehensively redevelops two adjoining traditional quarter acre sites. The two existing 3 bedroom state houses are removed from these sites to enable comprehensive development of the site, and 14 new homes with a total of 53 bedrooms have been developed.

The design brief called for a medium density residential development based on a terrace housing building typology for the development site. Terrace housing is an increasingly common form of development being created by private and public developers across Tāmaki Makaurau in response to the need to efficiently utilise land for residential development to help to address both housing shortage and affordability challenges. 

The architects have utilised a tomonga (inlet) metaphor for their design of the development, visualising the respective buildings within the development as waka pulled 'ashore' around the tomonga/inlet. This design has been prepared according to the Kāinga Hou design values matrix (here).

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