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This design concept modifies a typical suburban site to create extended intergenerational living, with enough housing to home up to 8 family units.

The architects have re-imagined a traditional Tuakana:Teina relationship as the basis for design and establishing spatial and built relationships within this design concept.

The design retains the existing single-storey 3-bedroom whare at the front of this typical suburban site and adds another level to the existing footprint. Reconfigured this stand-alone whare can be flexibly occupied as 2 x two bedroomed dwelling units on separate levels, or equally can function as a single four bedroomed dwelling unit to meet need.

A new three-storied building is introduced in the site's large rear yard. This building uses standardised modular floor plates to create flexible homes that can be occupied and reconfigured to match the evolving needs of whanau.

This design has been prepared according to the Kāinga Hou design values matrix (here). Provision of fully accessible units at ground level are suited for the older or less physically able members of the whanau, and the inclusion of a range of unit sizes allows for flexibility of housing options amongst whanau members to facilitate long-term and intergenerational occupancy of the site.

Common space is provided between the two whare, with outlook from units over this area. The ground level outdoor spaces are designed to be fully accessible for all abilities/ages. Vehicle parking has been limited owing to the availability of regular public transport links in the area. The adoption of modular construction provides significant cost efficiencies. All materials are low-maintenance and long life, with a common materiality being used on both whare to reinforce their connection.

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